90th General Assembly

The Regular Session of the 90th General Assembly convened on Monday, January 12, 2015.  The ATRS Board developed a seven (7) bill legislative package to begin the session.  As the session progressed, two additional bills were proposed, along with the ATRS Appropriation Bill for the coming fiscal year.  Of those 10 bills, 9 became law and one died when the session ended.  A final summary of the bills that became Acts that affect ATRS is attached.

Many thanks are due to the General Assembly, Governor Hutchinson, and his staff.  ATRS is grateful to the sponsors of the ATRS legislative package and to those that presented ATRS legislation in the House and Senate.  The Public Retirement Committee Co-Chairs, Representative David Meeks and Senator David Johnson, along with the members of the Public Retirement Committee were of great assistance to ATRS and its members.  ATRS is now in the process of implementing the legislation that was passed into law.  


Final Legislation from the 2015 ATRS Legislative Session

Arkansas General Assembly