I decided to send an Executive Director Update on the fast approaching ATRS Board elections. One reason for this Executive Director Update on Board elections is that the Election Policy recently changed and some changes included changes in dates affecting the election process. The three positions that are on the ballot for eligible ATRS votes are as follows:

Position #2 - Second Congressional District Licensed Trustee
Position #9 - Retired Trustee
Position #11 - Retired Trustee

Importantly, with the very recent change in policy, the deadline to submit a completed election petition to become an official candidate on the ballot is now Monday, January 11, 2010. (Normally the date would be January 10, 2010, however, since January 10 is a Sunday, Monday, January 11 becomes the official date that the petition must be submitted to the ATRS Executive Director.) The petitions may be submitted by mail, by facsimile, by a scanned petition delivered by email, by hand delivery, or by courier.

A petition submitted by facsimile should be sent to the following number: 501-682-1812. If for some reason that number does not work or appears to have connection problems, use the following number as a backup: 501-371-2161. If the petition is being sent via a scanned document attached to an email, please send it to and copy my Administrative Assistant, Kay Daniel at: and Michael Ray, Supervisor of Elections at: . Once a petition is received by ATRS, ATRS will contact the potential candidate to confirm receipt of the petition. After the certification review, the potential candidate will be notified as to whether the petition was sufficient to place the candidate on the ballot.

Please note that the post date or intended courier delivery date is not sufficient for establishing receipt of the petition. ATRS rules specifically provide that the petition must be received by ATRS on or before January 11, 2010, regardless of the date of postmark or intended delivery. Actual delivery of the election petition must occur on or before January 11, 2010, for a potential candidate to be eligible for placement on the ballot. A potential candidate may contact ATRS to obtain a petition by calling Michael Ray at 501-682-1840. If Michael Ray is not available you may contact me at 501-682-1820. You may also contact either of these numbers regarding any information about the election. In addition, I have attached additional summaries on the election deadlines and process.

If you have questions or need more information, please feel free to call me on my direct line at
(501) 682-1820 or my cell (501) 318-5998 or email me at . In addition, if you use Twitter, you can follow events by finding the Twitter ID of ATRS or find George Hopkins in the Twitter directory. On Twitter, you will have access to day-to-day updates on ATRS happenings.

George Hopkins

Click here to see more information on 2010 Board Election Dates and Procedures.